Cider & Perry

Our goal is to produce the highest quality pure juice cider and perry possible. Several years of hard work has been needed to bring both abandoned orchards and newly planted ones to life.


We believe that a cider and perry from a North Wales producer should be made from the fruit of that region. Picked and processed by hand with care at every stage of the process to ensure our products are the best they can be.


All of our cider and perry is made from pure juice, no water or concentrates are added. This results in slight variations from year to year as no two summers are the same.This is how we like it.


Our cider and perry does contain very low levels of sulphites, we use this to reduce the risk of off flavours caused by oxidation.


Our Richard's dry cider is the answer for all the people who want a proper dry cider. Golden in colour with a slight natural haze, Richard's Dry is a clean, crisp and refreshing cider. Our 2016 cider is 6.0% ABV and available to order here

Richard's Medium cider is an award winning smooth cider with just the right balance between sweetness and acidity.

Our 2016 cider is 6.0% ABV and available to order here

Richard's Sweet cider won us our first award back in 2014. A soft and sweet cider with just enough bite to clense the palate. Needs to be respected as it can soon catch you out on a hot day.

Our 2016 cider is 6.0%ABV and available to order here